Dodgers on the Scully star repairs: Yo, we got it


What’s $2,500 to the Dodgers?

Just enough to pay the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for repairs to Vin Scully’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, instead of a fan trying to organize a fund raiser from Chicago.

Assuming owner Frank McCourt can foot the bill, the team has informed Glenn Mingay, a Southern California native who set up a website in hopes of raising money to fix a crack in Scully’s star outside the Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Blvd., that it would now pick up the tab.

Dodgers vice president of communications Josh Rawitch sent an email to Robert Baly of (linked here). Baly discovered the repairs needed in the first place last month.

Rawitch’s email said: “When the Dodgers learned of the project, we approached Vin with our plans to pay for it and he was very grateful because he simply did not want fans to spend their hard earned money on repairing the star. That said, he is aware of the campaign and extremely humbled and appreciative of the efforts of Glenn and others.”

On Mingay’s website, he posted this note:


Thank you to all that have donated to get Vin’s star replaced. Mr Scully himself felt that it was not right that his fans give up their hard earned money for this cause. As such the Dodger organization has stepped in with a donation and the fundraiser ir over.

I want to thank everyone for their donations and kind words about Mr. Scully. If we were unsure as to what kind of person Mr Scully is, after this we are clear. Mr. Scully is a gentleman, and that is why we Dodger fans think so much of him.

All money that I have raised up to this point will now go to the Bryan Stow fund for the Giants fan that was badly beaten outside Dodger Stadium on opening night. While the money that was donated was not expressly for this cause, its still a very worthwhile thing to do. We pray that Mr. Stow recovers from his injuries and can be reunited with his two children.

I started this as a way to thank Mr. Scully for all that he has given to me. As I know he has visited this site, I hope he reads this:

Mr. Scully we Dodgers fans appreciate all that you have given to us over the years. We have grown up to your tales about players for the Dodgers and the opposing team. You always find a way to make things interesting no matter what the score of the game is. You simply are a legend, and we thank you so very much!

Ana Martinez, vice president of media relations for the chamber, told Mingay she would try to coordinate the repairs with his visit to L.A. in July.

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