It’s Out of the Question: The Reggie Bush edition



Not that we’re in any rush to judgment, but what would possibly give the Heisman Trust any reason to trust Reggie Bush’s word at this point?


Days and weeks and months after the expunged USC tailback mustered up some remorse about how he hoodwinked enough votes to gather in the 2005 Heisman Trophy, it seemed clear enough that he would pay the shipping and handling for the 25-pound statue to make a return trip to the nice folks at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York.

Anyone seen the dang thing lately?

There are intriguing reports (linked here) that Bush’s mom and famously stupid stepdad, Denise and Lamar Griffin, “loaned it” to the San Diego Hall of Champions last March – in essence, stashed it. And no one will ever get to see it again.

A spokesman for the place recently told the New Orleans Times-Picayunne (linked here) that as far as he knew, the museum still has the piece, and “he won it, as far as we’re concerned.”

So that means the Heisman people will have to bust in and heist their bust if they really want it back?

Not to get into semantics here, but Bush actually has kept his word. Back in September 2010, he said he would “forfeit my title as Heisman winner of 2005.”

But not necessarily the hardware.

And this stiff-arm response comes as a surprise for those who aren’t sure whether he deserved to be named the “outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity?”


== Aside from all that you’ve already invested in the team, how much would you put out for ownership of the Dodgers?

Forbes has tagged the franchise value at $800 million (linked here).

Josh Fisher, the author of the blog, says he’s “inclined to believe” it’s worth “around $900 million,” given the entire package — team, stadium, parking lot and rights to the airspace above it.

Bloomberg has quoted some well-paid guesser as saying that, whatever its value, he would not be surprised to see the team sell for north of $1 billion.

“It is the Dodgers,” said Gordon Saint-Denis, president of Major League Sports Consulting LLC (linked here). “It is L.A., where they could put together some serious consortiums of wealthy people in the entertainment industry.”

He doesn’t know us very well, does he?

The O’Malleys sold the team to a “wealthy” and “entertainment” division of Fox. They mismanaged it enough before bailing out and arranging for Frank McCourt to take it in 2004 for $371 million. Now McCourt has gone Franklin & Bash on everyone, trying to stretch the debt limit of his Discovery card.

Meanwhile, Mark Cuban puffs on his Cuban cigars, savoring the smoke rings of victory, in no hurry to save our souls.


== Any coincidence that the Single-A Lancaster JetHawks have seen a notable spike in online pre-order ticket sales lately from perhaps disillusioned Dodgers fans living in the San Fernando Valley?

== Wait, there’s no WNBA lockout coinciding with the NBA lockout? They act independently?

Then that group has the power to fold up on its own if it so chooses? Hmmmmm.

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