ESPN, not as good as Navy Seals, but greater than duct tape, LinkedIn, ‘Glee,’ Steve Jobs, Geiko commercials and the Pulitzer Prize


The remote control couldn’t make the list, eh?

From a Forbes’ magazine’s Fourth of July attempt to pin down the “100 Great Things About America” (linked here), ESPN makes the list … without a reference to Jenn Brown:


6. ESPN:
More than sports, it’s a cradle of pop culture, coming from an unlikely-ville: Bristol, Conn.

33. LeBron James
Will America’s biggest loser become a sympathetic figure? The story of next season …

36. “Friday Night Lights”
The book, the TV series, and the cult of Coach Taylor

40. Louisville Slugger bats
Trusted by pros, softball leagues, and homeowners concerned about intruders.

44. SEC football
‘Bama, LSU, Auburn, and even Vandy — the league to watch, every year.

48. Hank Aaron
Before Hank Paulson, the original Hammerin’ Hank — a home-run king without an asterisk

50. Tom Brady
The model-marryin’, best-lookin’, best-tossin’ quarterback in the country

Red states, blue states, and a season that lasts ten months a year. Truly America’s sport.

74. Nike
From Eugene, Ore., the Swoosh outfits athletes everywhere

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