A Cowherd rant on the Dodgers’ payroll mess: Is McCourt simply a misguided sociopath?


From today’s “The Herd” on KSPN-AM (710) and simulcast on ESPNU:

“Something I thought I’d never see in sports. The Los Angeles Dodgers bounced a check last week. And may not make payroll.

“Major League Baseball also claims that Frank McCourt, the Dodgers’ sketchy owner, tried to take $20 mil out of the Dodgers in late April amid the team’s payroll crisis. So he was going to the team ATM machine in the middle of the turmoil. The league has said, ‘We’ll give you a loan. … You’re not getting it from somewhere else. We can give you a lower interest rate and we won’t charge you the $9.5 million fee a hedge fund would.’

“McCourt yesterday filed to get records of 31 different things. Baseball said 28 of them are irrelevant. And we’re not giving you television contracts from the Mariners, Astros, Mets, Rangers and Padres. Those are none of your business. We don’t give those to anybody.

“Baseball allowed Frank McCourt to buy a baseball team on a Visa card. That’s what you get.

“But it’s unbelieveable. I’ve worked in dive restaurants, greasy spoons, minor-league baseball teams and a state park. None have missed payroll. The auto industry two years ago was bankrupt, hemmoraging money. Nobody’s check bounced. The four guys left at GMC, they were paid. The Dodgers? It’s touch and go.

“A Red Lobster in the Sahara Desert makes payroll. The Dodgers may not make payroll.

“I once worked at a seafood restaurant on a beach that served breaded fish out of a box. They made payroll. Non profits make payroll.

“I remember reading a book years ago about sociopathic behavior. The author said there’s not that big a difference between a serial killer and someone who could fire 8,000 people before Christmas. It’s a frontal lobe thing. Not every sociopath kills. But there’s a fine line between excentric and crazy. When you look at crazy people, nutty people, you look at them like, ‘Do they not get it?’ Frank McCourt’s getting into that territory where it’s like, ‘Dude, in the middle of a payroll crisis, with every eye on Los Angeles on you, he’s still sneaking into the office in the middle of the night and opening up the till trying to take out 20 large. Do you have no shame?”

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