Buck on Dodgers’ attendance today: “Pathetic”


Frank McCourt is still waiting for that Fox Sports money to fund his team. How’s this for treatment by a TV partner:

It’s the bottom of the first inning of the Fox regional TV broadcast of the Dodgers-Padres game on KTTV-Channel 11 (only going to 7 percent of the country, L.A. and San Diego):

Joe Buck: “There are a lot of people either disguised as empty seats today or there’s people missing this one on a Saturday afternoon at Dodger Stadium. (As they panned the seats on all four levels). That is . . . pathetic.”

Tim McCarver: “It’s so uncharacteristic of this struggling franchise.”


Buck: “There is a protest outside the gates outside the ballpark protesting the ownership of Frank McCourt. That situation which we will get to at some point in the game, but not belabor because basically we’re going to the fanbase that hears about it game after game or reads about it day after day, but that is about as messy as it gets. And I don’t think we’ll have a good ending for Frank McCourt.”

McCarver: “No, I don’t either.”

(They go video of the protest outside on Sunset Blvd. The signs of those protesting include: “We Want a ‘Winner’ Not a Weiner (Frank)” and “Thank You O’Malley’s … We’ll Miss You” and “Frank, You Lost all your LA Privileges” “Frank, LA We Want a Divorce” and “Jamie’s 7 Houses – Dodger Stadium – Major League Baseball – Los Angeles = Places Frank Isn’t Welcome” and “Fed Up With Frank” and “Our Players and Fans Deserve Better!” Even as the Dodgers Express bus is bringing more people into the park).

McCarver: “I’ve never seen a demonstration outside a Major League ballpark protesting the ownership of a club.”

Buck: “The situation seems to get worse by the day. … Eventually ownership has to change here with this great franchise.”

Could Fox have ignored it? Sure. Like how Prime Ticket seems to every night?

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