Face(book) it: Enberg is too good for provencial little San Diego whiners who can’t appreciate Hall of Fame broadcasters


If you were to conduct an online poll, and about 200 replied to it, would that be an accurate representation? And what if 150 or more of those who responded were slanted toward one answer?

Consider the poll on the Facebook page of Padres blog Friarhood.com In answer to the question: Should the Padres bring back Dick Enberg for the 2012 season to continue calling gams on Channel 4 San Diego, 151 have said no as of 5 p.m. today, while 63 say yes.

A report on something called the San Diego Reader (linked here) cites the biggest complaint of Enberg’s work is that he’s too complimentary of opposing teams when they do something well.

Stuff like:

Robert S.: “i say we get someone. . .who announces as if he’s not actually rooting for the dodgers or vagiants.”

Jake G.: “I want a home town announcer to sound like one.”

If there are genuine complaints about his making mistakes, that’s one thing. Even Enberg would hate to have that tarnish a career of so many successful moments.


Friarhood.com editor Steve Adler: “I get the sense that there are more people who feel passionately that they don’t want him back than there are those who feel passionately about him staying…. I have a lot of respect for what Dick Enberg has done in his career. He is a broadcasting legend and no one wants to take that away from him. The reason for the poll [is] to allow fans to voice their opinions and tell us what they want for the 2012 Padres TV broadcast.”

Adler also hosts a Padres fans show Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on www.XTRASports1360.com.

Seriously, is this is the best San Diego Padres fans can bring to the table? Complain about someone like the 74-year-old Enberg isn’t cheery enough about the last-place team in the NL West and spends too much of his broadcast acknowledging the superior performance of the opposing team?

Tell us you’ve at least heard Vin Scully do a Dodgers’ game. Listen closely: You can’t fool baseball fans.

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