More stuff out of the question: McCourt’s money business plus Bud’s bank equals more Frankruptcy problems


A big-time judge says Frankrupt McCourt must now do the rest of his money monkey business with the Bank of Bud Selig, aka Mr. Potter?


Do the Dodgers risk severe penalties for early withdrawal of the NL pennant race?

Is the IRA interest rate tied to team’s 30-inning fixed ERA?

Where’s that free toaster that burns up all the profits?

== Pent up frustration led to Jeff Pentland’s firing as the Dodgers’ hitting coach? Because, expense-wise, he’s the cheapest solution and knows the answers to the team’s offensive problems are simply the absense of power and speed?

== With everything he’s been through, you sure Andrew Bynum doesn’t have a handicapped parking placard that he just forgot to display? Don’t you want to him to park as close as possible to any store he ventures into, for fear he could twist a knee by having to walk more than 20 feet?

== Two years after he wraps his new Caddy Escalade around a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree, he raps longtime caddie Stevie Williams for being disloyal and kicks him to the curb.

How’s that for some Titleist entitlement issues?

And Tiger Woods assumes there’s going to be plenty of options finding someone willing to take care of all his extra baggage and do his dirty work from here out?


== You think Williams, who by some reports has an estimated net worth of $20 mil, having been with Woods for 12 years and more than $90 mil in tournament winnings, would have any sort of appeal for Elin Nordegren? Or might she be interested in joining Adam Scott as a twosome?

== When the most popular NBA video game decides to put Magic, Bird and Jordan on the cover of its “2K12” edition, what kind of message does it send about current locked-out player marketability?

== If the Chicago Blackhawks ever get to host another outdoor NHL game at Wrigley Field, any chance of sneaking in new Cubs signee Trevor Gretzky?

== The San Francisco Giants are squeezing in the obligatory White House visit on Monday, a day after having played a home game and a day before they need to be in Philly for a three-game series.

All because of the fact that the last time they were in D.C., back in late April, their original back-slapping trip to see President Obama was called off.

There was all this commotion at that time with Operation Neptune Spear – the mission to snuff out Osama bin Laden.


So the sight of a long black beard from Giants reliever Brian Wilson coming through the Rose Garden this time won’t be some kind of weird flashback for Obama and his aids?

== For as crotchety and defiant and out-of-touch Al Davis can be in his early 80s, don’t you at least have to respect the fact that the Pro Football Hall of Famer registered the one abstention to the NFL owners’ labor proposal?

== And as for the ESPN anchor who listens intently to an ex-player give some opinion about the NFL lockout, and then end the segment by exclaiming: “Great stuff.”

Really? What again was great about it?

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