A win-Vin Hollywood ending to a star-struck story

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The story that started out in early June with the discovery that Vin Scully’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was not only in poor shape, but next to a theatre with a history of being haunted (linked here), continued to where a fan named Glenn Mingay stepped up to say he’d raise the money to fix it (linked here) and reached some kind of resolution when the soon-to-be bankrupt Dodgers said they’d pay for it (linked here) reached a neat and clean conclusion.

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Mingay, a Southern California native who lives in Chicago, was back out here last week for his father’s surprise birthday in Camarillo, and was able to help put the finishing touches on Scully’s star restoration, the $2,500 of which was paid by the Dodgers.

“Having seen the pictures of it before all weathered and cracked, it was great to see the sealant we put on it really make it pop,” Mingay said. “I couldn’t believe they blocked off the sidewalk for us. It kind of created a whole scene where people walking by wondered what was happening, so they started talking pictures as well. I had one couple from Europe even ask me, ‘Who’s Vin Scully?'”

Ana Martinez at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said Mingay was treated to a lunch at Mel’s Diner and given “the VIP treatment at the Hollywood History Museum. He is a good guy and had a great time.”

Historic Trust Board members Jeff Briggs and Donelle Dadigan, who are behind the upcoming facelift of the whole Walk of Fame beginning this fall, were also on hand to welcome Mingay.


The next night, Mingay got more VIP treatment: He went to Friday’s Dodgers-Nationals game and met with Scully in the press box, bringing along his wife, Lori, and two more friends.

“Friday was unbelieveable,” Mingay said. “First, I hadn’t been to the stadium in awhile, so I was surprised at all the updates made, and the collection of memorabilia on the club level. When we got to the press box and spoke to Mr. Scully, he was so kind to me and my wife and my friends, he thanked me again. He mentioned that he hadn’t been to his star since it was put in in 1982, but he said that ‘people walk on me all day anyway, so it’s no big deal.’

“Everything that people have said about Mr. Scully is true: He’s just such a kind and generous man. It was an awesome day. And after that, my wife had her first Dodger Dog.”

Mingay has kept his website, SaveVinsStar.com, up for another month in case people still want to make donations — which will be forwarded to the Bryan Stow Fund to help the San Francisco Giants fan who is recovering from being assaulted in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on March 31 Opening Day.

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