As the MLB trade deadline approaches, it’s tricky tweets


Ken Rosenthal tweeted it within the last hour:

Furcal 7-for-18, 2 2B last 5G. #Dodgers willing to include significant cash. Furcal owed about $4M. #tradedeadline #MLB

That’s shorthand for: The Dodgers want to get rid of Rafael Furcal. If you didn’t already know.

Rosenthal, Fox’s MLB columnist and reporter, must grit his teeth every time he tweets.

He admitted as much the other day on the MLB Network (where he also works) when asked about how social media impacts information floating out there as the trading deadline nears,

“The social media explosion has added a whole new variable . . . There’s no question, and the presence of Twitter right now is a huge change in reporting for all of us, in every sport. The difference now is you get information and people put it out there — sometimes I do it too – instantaneously, and it’s one source, not multiple sources which we were taught to do. … It’s a short-term attention-span kind of thing and I am not sure, to be perfectly honest, it has been a constructive development for journalism.”

The MLB Network will be all atwitter as the deadline approaches, with Rosenthal part of the process, joining Peter Gammons and Jon Heyman as the main tweeters. There’s a two-hour live special on Saturday at 8 a.m., and then 10 hours of coverage on Sunday starting at 8:30 a.m. senior writer Jonathan Mayo and MLB Network Insiders and sportswriters Phil Rogers, Richard Justice and Tracy Ringolsby will contribute analysis on-air throughout the day.

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