Pat O’Brien next losing hand: TV poker, which has already jumped the card shark years ago


Pat O’Brien, what are you wearing? You look so hot. Why not some stripped-down TV poker?

Something called the Epic Poker League has announced a deal with CBS to buy time on the network for 20 hours of programming on five events from the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

O’Brien, currently trying to rehab his career as a midday sports-talk show radio host, has decided to be the master of ceremonies. Ali Nejad, a guy, is his sidekick.

Most of the Epic tournaments coming up in February will air on Velocity, a Discovery Communications network launching in October.

We’d love to do more on this, but we’ve completely lost interest. Here’s a link to something that tells more about it (linked here).

Whatever minimal audience the O’Brien-Hartman-Jacobs show on Fox Sports Radio must draw these days, you’ve got to think they’re just keeping him onboard in case he has another meltdown.

We’ll leave it as this: TV poker has jumped the card shark. So O’Brien is going to bring it back?

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