Your alternative to the ongoing NBA lockout, the dwindling WNBA talent pool, and the Spearmint Rhino’s outrageous cover charges

The Lingerie Basketball League started with an exhibition doubleheader last Saturday at the Venice Beach outdoor courts. My mom apparently took this picture since all the people’s heads are cut off.

Oh, the floor burns …

It’s something called the Lingerie Basketball League, a distant cousin from the football version, and it stages its opening night of league teams with a doubleheader Friday night at the Montclair Prep gym (8071 Sepulveda, Van Nuys), when your L.A. Beauties meet your L.A. Divas at 7 p.m., followed by your L.A. Starlettes staring down your L.A. Glam at 8:30 p.m.


The admission price (or cover charge, you decide what to call it) is $20 for each game, or $30 for both. Then there’s the $40 ticket for a “premiere seat” at both games. No drink minimum.

Add to that something we’ve never seen posted for an advertised athletic event: Only 18 and older are admitted at the door. Cash payments only.

(You don’t think that’s Jerry West’s wife used as the LBL logo, do you?).

According to the official website, the names of some of the 38 “players” who have agreed to participate include (linked here) Kamilah, Autianna, Zipporah, Chaffron, Sukari, Maricris, Tyhler, Delmar, Lexi, Jo Jo, America, Dachota, Erene, Krystle, Crystal and Krystal. And Koya. All their measurements are listed for your imagination.

Erene is from West Hills and CSUN. Crystal is from Newhall and Pierce College. Krysal is also from CSUN.


Then there are hard-looking gals like Shannon Watson (linked here), a 5-foot-11 blonde from Manhattan Beach and El Camino College, who is a Pisces, 34-25-35, Caucasian, and is a model who has “worked all over the world, most recently in Korea.”


There are rules. No touching, errrr … (linked here)? Aside from the high-school 3-point line, a 35-second clock and two 20 minute halves, there’s a “Red Light Special” where a player has “a 60 second opportunity to score a bonus point.”

Oh, and “a fight for possession of the ball results in an actual jump ball between the two girls.” No possession arrow? Then let’s keep on fighting.

The league hopes to make it with its four teams through Sept. 2, afterwhich a title game will be decided upon.

So bring plenty of single dollar bills to the opening doubleheader and make sure the league survives to see a champion crowned.

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