The P12 media announcement aftermath


Following up to today’s media column (linked here) on how Larry Scott got the Pac-12 Network situation finalized in New York rather than L.A. this week, the Sports Business Daily excerpted a column by’s Bryan Fischer that we tend to believe actually happened, rather than what appeared to be Scott holding out his announcement so that it could have been orchestrated better in the larger media market:

Negotiations “were almost literally around the clock, wrapping up just past 4 a.m. Wednesday.” Scott said, “We had a virtual handshake over the phone at 10 a.m. That’s when I knew we had a done deal. But I only got confirmation from my general counsel right before the press event at 5 p.m. that it was signed.”
Scott on Tuesday was “aware of how the negotiations were going when he took the stage at the Fox Lot in Los Angeles for Pac-12 Media Day, but kept things under wraps in case things happened to unravel.”
Fisher noted Time Warner Cable Exec VP & Chief Programming Officer Melinda Witmer was one of the “key people who helped the process move along from beginning to end.”
Financial terms of the deal were not announced, but the networks are “expected to make money in the short term and the conference’s unique position of wholly owning everything have positioned them to be rewarded well into the future.”
Additionally, the fact that Scott “helped bring together two major competitors and four cable operators” as distributors of the regional networks is “one reason why other companies looking to partner with the Pac-12 are eager to buy into the master plan.”

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