A semi-precious Golden Mike, not owned by Keith Olbermann, yours to buy not on Randy’s List


It’s eBay item 330595884400 (linked here), eminating from Calabasas, and started as a mere 99-cent special back on July 31 — but with 20 bids in already, it’s north of $120 just a few days left before it’s gone.

Uh, the award-winning Keith Olbermann wasn’t actually awarded this blurry 1986 Golden Mike when he was back working at KNX-AM (1070), was he?


Nope. The auction item, put up by KNX-AM sports anchor Randy Kerdoon, points out that it’s a clear copy, so the station could celebrate the fact that “Countdown” host Olbermann, the former ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor who spent some days in L.A. at KTLA-Channel 5 and KCBS-Channel 2, worked there doing sports commentaries at the CBS Radio affiliate in L.A.

Olbermann has his original, amongst his collection of 16, somewhere in his own safety deposit box. Or, as doorstops at his home.

Kerdoon notes on the post that the this “was the actual trophy on display in the old Columbia Square Studios ‘awards wall,'” and when the place closed down, “those awards were basically either tossed or taken for souvenirs. I grabbed this with the idea to give it to Keith. It stayed in my locker at the new KNX facility for some 4+ years.”


Kerdoon contacted Olbermann about it, and Olberman responded in a tweet (linked here): “IT’S A DUPLICATE – FEEL FREE TO SELL IT. I SUSPECT YOU COULD GET $9 FOR IT ON EBAY!”

So here it is. Plus $16 for shipping. Kerdoon includes a photo of Olbermann’s Twitter page as verification that it’s cool to sell and he’s not responsible for any lead poisoning that may come from licking it.

Kerdoon said the sale has “been taking a life of its own” after Deadspin.com (linked here) picked it up, as did LARadio.com.

“It had been languishing at about $24.50 until then,” said Kerdoon, then wondering aloud why Olbermann hasn’t promoted the sale on his Current TV show yet — which could add up to perhaps three more bidders.

Kerdoon said he also got the OK from KNX to put it up, but the Golden Mikes folks weren’t as pleased about it.

“I told them it was a one-shot deal, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” said Kerdoon, who has received a dozen Golden Mikes in his day. “I just think I’m doing my best to keep America green by keeping it out of a landfill. It’s amazing what rationale you can come up with when you have to.”

Kerdoon added that one of Olbermann’s former producers at Channel 2 went on Kerdoon’s Facebook page to say that working with Olbermann was both amazingly frustrating and rewarding, having him work so hard that he’d often just want to punch someone.

“I hope he wins it,” said Kerdoon, “so that he can blow it up and write it off as therapy.”

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