When The Duke shared the screen with The King


Dodgers team historian Mark Langill finds out Dodger history sometimes in the most bizarre places.

Like, in this case, the $3 DVD bin at Big Lots.


He came across a copy of the 1969 Elvis Presley movie, “The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get Into It),” (linked here), and picked it up as a gift for someone in the team’s office who happened to be a big fan of the King of Rock N Roll. Neither of them knew that inside the DVD were five black-and-white postcards — promotional movie stills from the MGM marketing department.

One of the five happened to be the shot (above) of the Dodgers’ future Hall of Fame center fielder Duke Snider, posing with Elvis. Snider had a role in the flick, a character named “The Cranker.”

But Duke’s claim to fame in Hollywood apparently could have been as a stunt double. Because on the back of the post card, it identifies Snider as “Col. Parker,” a mistaken reference to Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker.

Or, it could have been Wes Parker. We’re not sure.

Snider at the time was working for the San Diego Padres as their first broadcast analyst, then became a minor-league manager for the team before going to Montreal to become a radio analyst on Expos games.

Either way, just more of the Duke Snider lore, as his No. 4 continues to be mowed into the center field lawn at Dodger Stadium, and his legacy cemented in bobblehead.

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