Boras on Weaver: ‘He clearly knew what he was doing’


Agent Scott Boras explained his side of the Jered Weaver negotiations with columnist Joe McDonnell in a column updated early this morning (linked here).

Bottom line: “It’s not my job to make decisions for them,” Boras said. “My job is making sure they’ve thought about all the emotions involved, what prospects are available and every possible financial scenario they might face on their way to making a decision. They are told about what’s potentially available with other organizations and in other markets. In the end, I just want them to have the best information possible, so they can make a good decision. Not to try to force them to make a decision, because I don’t do that. And I don’t want to.

“Jered will tell you that (what) we put him through to prepare for this was something that was difficult for him. (Surprisingly) the Angels still wanted to do this during the season, despite all the work we all had to put into getting him ready to make this decision. It takes a lot of time. Jered was up to it, though, because he really wanted to stay home.

“Obviously, monetarily, (free agency) was something that would have benefitted him more. He knew exactly what he was worth as a (potential) free agent, and he knew exactly what he was worth as a five-year player and what it cost him to sign early. He also knew what the benefits were that are important to him.

“He clearly knew what he was doing when he made this decision.”

Did Weaver make the right decision to sign without taking a shot at free agency?

“He knew what he was giving away. He knew it was substantial. And for him there was a gain from that. For other players that may not have been the case, but for him, it was.”

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