The SI version of the Stow beating: The Day That Damned the Dodgers

i-9a5cb4e81f23c1ad44d8c3d71a1e6c59-Dodger Stadium-2.jpg

Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins revisits the March 31 Bryan Stow beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot in this week’s issue of the magazine (linked here), and tries to extract some new filters to use in telling the tale again.

Such as:

Los Angeles county supervisor Michael Antonovich: “What happened was the direct result of a culture [Frank] McCourt allowed to exist in and out of the stadium. It was barbaric.”

Antonovich emailed his spokesman, Tony Bell, on April 1 and told him to announce a $10,000 reward from the county for information about Stow’s assailants–which the Dodgers were not pleased with.

Antonovich says: “McCourt’s people called the office. They were upset we got involved. They wanted us to ignore it. They tried to sweep it under the rug.”

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