Lets just ware the stinkin(apostrophe optional)’ tshirts and see whose gonna notice


“Lets go USC!” seems to send the message that someone had USC in its grasp and then decided to let it go free.

“Let’s go USC!” is more likely the message Old Navy meant to convey on their $24.95 women’s (or womens) T-shirts for sale on its (not it’s) website. But they’re (not their) not there any more.

Nor are the shirts dedicated to UCLA, Michigan, Arizona … There’s a whole slew of re-dos as someone in the store’s Superfan Nation clothing line didn’t do a spell check on the logo before sending it to the hot-iron. They’ll add the missing apostrophe ASAP.


An Old Navy damage-controller said the store is replacing the faulty T-shirts, and have posted the message above when you try to click on the misspelled designs that are still up on the website.

Naw, not good enough for us.

We actually want the wrong ones. And we’re willing to pay more for them. At least $25.

The more you look at this shirt, the more correct language it probably seems to be for those who only text or Tweet or email most of their lives now. As spelling is less and less important to those doing the communicating, maybe this shirt is really ahead of its (not it’s) time.

Whatever happens, just don’t (not dont) ship all the boxes of these things some third-world country where kids are running around with Dodgers 2009 NLCS championship T-shirts.

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