You can be serious: Why Andy Roddick stands to be the next great TV tennis analyst

It came from an interview Andy Roddick did with ESPN2’s Chris Fowler after a tight, first-round win over 96th ranked Michael Russell 6-2, 6-4, 4-6, 7-5 in the U.S. Open on Wednesday night.

Fowler: “You know there’s a million people, a million voices. A lot of money. ESPN telling you how you should play. You shouldn’t do this. You should do that. Are you searching or is it clear to you?”

Roddick: “I’m convinced being a tennis analyst is the easiest job in the world. Whatever the person does, if it works you say ‘that’s what’s good.’ If it doesn’t work you guys just go, ‘he should have done the other thing.’ So you know I’m pretty convinced I could be a tennis analyst when I’m done.”

Fowler: “I know you could. But it’s not in your near future.”

Roddick: “Well, yeah, it just doesn’t take much thought. If I’m grinding and I’m winning you guys are like ‘he’s reinvented himself,’ and if I’m playing like crap and pushing then it’s ‘he’s horrible and needs to hit the ball.’ Everyone’s an expert but I’m better than most have been.”

Fowler: “You’re kind enough to take the mirror and use it very well.”

Roddick: “Hey you guys can take it too, you know.”

ESPN notes on its “SportsCenter” this morning that Roddick is 11-8 in matches since his last ATP Tour title, with four first-round losses.

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