Beware the wrath of old man King: Another Dodger season-seat holder who says he’s mad as heck and isn’t going to take it anymore


Longtime listener, perhaps first-time caller Larry King made it clear that he’s dropping his Dodgers’ season seats after this season because of his disappointment with Frank McCourt’s running of the franchise.

Calling in today to the MLB Network Radio channel on SiriusXM today to vent with hosts Kevin Kennedy and Jim Duquette, the former CNN talk-show host said:


“My contract’s up on my season tickets. I’m in partnership with another guy. We’re not renewing and the reason we’re not renewing is that I think we spent $400 a ticket for a guy to, instead of bidding on any free agent, spent the money on himself. And that to me is inexcusable. And I know Frank McCourt personally, I don’t dislike him personally, but he does not belong as an owner of a baseball team in my opinion.”

The Brooklyn native King, who only turns 78 this fall, made his intial call to the show to go on a rant about the fact the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw was ejected from Wednesday’s game after hitting Arizona’s Gerardo Parra in the top of the sixth inning.

“I am really ticked at that incredibly stupid call last night by Major League Baseball and (home plate umpire) Bill Welke in throwing out Kershaw,” said King. “I’ve gone to a lot of baseball in my years. That was dumb, beyond dumb.


“I like umpires…but when umpires take control, more of their control of the game rather than the game playing itself, and they last night took away a chance, the kid was pitching unbelievable. He might win the Cy Young Award. He’s already pitched to the guy (Parra) and never threw at him, he’s throwing a one-hitter, and the guy leaned in and got hit slightly on the wrist, never hurt, ran down to first base.

“And the umpire not only throws him out, throws him out like he’s trying out for a movie to be with (Arnold) Schwarzenegger, a violent heave of the hands like the world has come to an end.

“No one has told Kershaw that if you throw near him you’re out, and no one has told (manager Don) Mattingly. The whole thing is a joke. I’d love to hear an explanation by (MLB executive and former Dodgers manager Joe) Torre, Welke and the league. That should not go unheeded because I know that umpires can sometimes run amok. But that was bizarre.”

Nearly as bizarre as King thinking he could call into a talk show and actually make perfect sense.

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