Because Staples Center isn’t loud enough


One of the latest staples to the Staples Center Experience is getting used to the new 4D high-def videoboard, where occasionally you can find the score and time of game mixed in with all the other flashing, strobing and iris-searing visuals.

Add to that a mega sound system, and we’re definitely ready to blow the hinges off this office supply store.


Staples Center, starting its 13th year of existence, announced today a new $3.4 million JBL Professional Vertec Audio System, which they say is “a premier loudspeaker system that is in use worldwide to support numerous international tours and special events. …

“The sound system upgrade was due in large part to address the arena’s need to provide the best audio system and technology available on the market to its tenant teams and national touring productions and concerts, as well as for special events like professional boxing. ”

The arena “needed” the upgrade? Or someone decided it wasn’t loud enough already.

Part of the gagetry, they say, is a Wi-Fi tablet that remotely adjusts delay times, EQ, and levels, so there’s better coverage throughout the building.

Sorry, but all the subtleties here aren’t something we’re bound to hear, with this perpetual ringing already in our ears from previous Staples Center events.

“Technology has grown tremendously since we opened Staples Center in 1999 and as part of our overall annual upgrades we decided it was time for us to improve our audio system,” said Lee Zeidman, the arena’s general manager, managing to avoid tweeting about the new and improved subwoofers and tweeters.

Thanks, but we’ll probably just put on our Bose headphones and enjoy the visual experience as best we can.

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