Erin Andrews can’t be this naive … can she?

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ESPN aspiring sideline reporter Erin Andrews is featured in the October edition of Self magazine, a fact we only know of now because a publicist from the magazine has given us a heads up.

As well as photos and videos.

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The pitch: Andrews is “looking amazing and demoing the latest workout craze-CrossFit. I thought you may be interested in this and the photos.”

But, of course.

“Please let me know if you would like any of the other photos.”

We insist. Send more. Send them all. Exhibit A, B and C. She can use all the altruistic attention that she continues to bring to herself, despite how readers may interpret it in the privacy of their own homes.

It is worth noting that Ms. Andrews appears to be wearing her cool Reebok ZigTech shoes, which she is still allowed to endorse through ESPN’s policy (as long as she’s not reporting about a rival shoe company on ESPN time, which would be a conflict of interest, and a huge mistake).

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To reset her recent past: She’s been through an incident where someone was spying on her through a hotel door peephole camera, going to court, having to testify, having videos of it leaked on the Internet. She says she never wants that to happen again.

Is this considered a compromise? Or more compromising positions to expose herself to the world?

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Or is her existence on the planet Naive, which apparenly lacks in oxygen supply to the brain, make this all fine, unable to fathom how it could put her into another bad situation?

Having your picture snapped on the sideline while you’re eating a submarine sandwich is one thing. This is another. Like that GQ spread she did two years ago (linked here) getting all dolled up in football equipment and being put in a locker room with some other fellows.

i-b29f9d92e75cb4820528764052b74491-Erin Andrews crossfit-04-fiss431.jpg

How can anyone feel sorry for her anymore?

We only hope this has an happy ending …

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Let’s go to the video:

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  • Christy

    It’s disgusting that you would assume that she’s asking to be publicly humiliated and filmed without her concent. Are you suggesting that girls who wear mini skirts and take care of their bodies are asking for upskirt photos or to be flat our raped? Don’t shame someone for being who they are, and don’t put someone on blast who takes care of their body and is good looking – she didn’t ASK for those genes and she didn’t ASK to be videoed. What she did ASK for was respect and this certainly isn’t respectful.

  • Deuce

    Tom Hoffarth,
    You are an idiot.