How $425 will get you the opportunity to make you feel like you’re on your way to being a legit sportswriter


Go from dunce to diploma in a six-week online course taught by Alison Overholt, a former deputy editor at ESPN who worked for the network’s magazine, did special projects, investigative things and helped launch the espnW women’s project.

It starts Oct. 18. And it’ll cost you $425. A bargain, perhaps, in this economy. Or for someone who didn’t get into Northwestern as they thought they could.

“Intro to Sports Journalism” promises that you’ll “learn how to write sports articles, interviews, and features” via a online course. We did have a journalism prof who told us that there’s no need for that extra comma in this instance betwen the words “interviews” and “and” … or that once you start a sentence with the verb “to write,” it would imply that all nouns after it are related to it, but then, you wouldn’t write “interviews,” would you? Features, sure. But then …

Maybe we should sign up (linked here) and see what we can relearn about the craft. Especially if there are better spell-check software uploads available to catch street slang.

What we are told we’ll learn:

== Which sports stories editors want to buy and readers want to read
== The best places to break in at the nation’s leading sports publications
== How to approach editors and build relationships
== How online sports sites have changed the way we cover sports in a 24/7 news environment
== The effect of increased restrictions in player/coach access
== How to cover sensitive issues including steroids, athlete misbehavior, and astronomical salaries
== The rapidly changing demands of today’s sports media consumers

By the end of class, we are guaranteed to have “two polished sports articles, the pitch letters to sell them, and the skills to get them published.” Again, that extra comma …

Considering the state of today’s online journalism, we endorse this idea to at least get some basic education into his the process legitimately works. What could it hurt?

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