Just give Keyshawn the damn loaf of bread and he’ll try to keep your zero trans-fat nephew employed

Two ex-USC stars, Keyshawn Johnson and former Heisman winner Reggie Bush, have put their bread together to open another branch of Panera Bread — store No. 6 in their own personal chain, opening October 8 in Ventura (4910 Telephone Road).

Now, bring back the Cowboys for training camp and avoid any yeast infections.


Pledging to employ, according to the press release, some 50-to-75 more people in the comminity, the group of Johnson, Bush, Dennis Northcutt, Anthony Henry and Terence Newman are the NFL faces who’ve combined to get out the giant scissors and take ownership in the stores that stretch up to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Camarillo.

You probably know the menu: Bread, chicken, sandwiches, bread, soups, salads, bread, bagels, patries, free Wifi and bread. Tip your bus boys, please.

Keyshawn, the “renassance man” (listen to the video above) who works for ESPN and had his own reality show where he could redecorate your home, once opened his own great soul food restaurant in 1999 on Restaurant Row in Beverly Hills called Reign.

Appetizers went for $11; entrees were as high as $29.

“I’ve never failed at anything and I don’t expect to fail at this,” said Johnson, still playing in the NFL at the time, upon his restaurant opening. It closed four years later.

He’s now the CEO of the First Picks Bread Company, a Panera Bread developer in Southern California. Henry joined forces with Johnson because they share the same wealth management firm, RGT Capital Management.

SmartMoney.com says that Johnson’s Panera stores grossed an estimated $10 million in sales in 2010, with sales volume 10 percent higher than what’s typical for the company.

It also reports that he consults with developer Ed Roski to target franchise locations that have “good traffic patterns, high college-education levels among local residents and proximity to Target stores.”

First Picks Management describes itself as a group founded in 2006 as “a business development company for the enterprises of professional sports athletes and select high net-worth individuals. The group invests intellectual, human and financial capital into promising businesses for the prudent development and management of enterprises. To date, they have partnered with over a dozen professional sports athletes and business entities to achieve these objectives. They work with start-up entities as well as seasoned brands. More info: www.firstpicksmgmt.com

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