Weekly media column version 09.30.11

A link to the weekly media prose (linked here) that includes more about how TBS plans to cover the upcoming MLB divisional series, how Bill Macdonald went no-socks, no-shoes on his final FSW assignment, and other miscellaneous items that contain the phrase “Jenn Brown.”


What isn’t included: The fact that network execs who thought they’d start the bidding on a new NFL eight-week early-season Thursday night package found out this week that commissioner Roger Goodell has tabled the talks and now predicts that bundle won’t come off for at least another season.

“The way it looks now, the league will probably want to close out its renewals (with CBS, NBC, and Fox) before they come back to Thursday night,” one unnamed executive was quoted by Adweek magazine. “It’s a little disappointing, but this is the NFL. When they’re ready to sit down and talk, we’ll be right there with them.”

A magazine source also said that early discussions about the Thursday night package were under the assumption that the NFL would coax the players into accepting an 18-game regular season schedule, but that didn’t happen after the lockout talks ended.

After the NFL expanded its deal with ESPN, it now faces deals with Fox ($720 million per year), CBS ($619 million a year) and NBC ($603 million) that expire in 2013.

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