Why Stephen Colbert may be the only one to put the HWJr. ‘controversy’ in perspective

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“I want to apologize if I’m a little ‘off’ tonight,” Stephen Colbert said on last night’s “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

He was speaking, of course, of what Hank Williams Jr. told the Fox Channel about … well, you know. Comparisons of President Obama to Hitler. Calling Obama and vice president Joe Biden “the enemy … are you kiddin? The “Three Stooges.”

You do the math.

“Even the ‘Fox and Friends’ were taken aback,” said Colbert. “They’re not used to hearing that sort of thing from people who don’t work for the network.”

That Williams’ usual “Are You Ready For Some Football” song and dance intro to ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” game was then curiously pulled by the network prior to Monday’s otherwise off-the-radar Indianapolis-Tampa Bay game made news has become the news itself.

“Tragically, ESPN caved to the ‘we shouldn’t compare the president to Hitler’-estapo,” said Colbert. “So last night’s ‘Monday Night Football’ did not begin with Hank Williams Jr. asking the eternal question, ‘Are you ready for some football!?’

“And nation, not hearing that song left me dangerously unprepared for some football.

“I’m in my living room innocently watching a Chevy Silverado ad. Suddenly, a bunch of gigantic, angry men in shiny tights start hitting each other, hurling and kicking a weird leather oblique spheroid. It was hours before I realized it was some football and needless to say, I was not ready for it.

“Well, I’m sorry ESPN, you can disagree with a man’s politics but you have no right to rob the American people of the proper procedures of football preparation. … What about RSVPs from my rowdy friends? Might all of them not come over tonight?

“Last night, we were robbed of that as a nation. And why?”

Because it was a way for ESPN to better promote a game that no one was going to watch anyway, so that they’d tune in not to see the opening that no one wants to see anyway?

Makes too much sense.

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