And now, Dennis Miller on the wussification of the Harbaugh-Schwartz scrum


He could have made this opinions known on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” game had someone allowed him to stay in the booth instead of booting him for John Madden/Tony Kornheiser/Jon Gruden.

Instead, comedian Dennis Miller, who doesn’t want to off on a rant here, nonetheless called into “The Dino Costa Show” on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio last night and offered this take on the Jim-on-Jim crime that occurred at the end of the Detroit-San Francisco game last Sunday:


“For God sakes, are we adults or not? “Now they want to send Schwartz and Harbaugh to a re-education camp… What in the hell happened to this country? When did we become such wusses?”

And don’t get him started on NFL rules …

“It’s not even football anymore,” he said. “And you know what? I like the ‘no launch’ rule. Obviously, that makes sense. These are pool tables they are playing on now … I like the ‘crown of the helmet’ thing. Nobody wants to see anybody Darryl Stingley’ed out there. But if they’re going to turn this into another jagoff 9 to 5 operation that people try to escape from on the weekend, another politically correct piece of shit, where I got Ed Hoculi going into a tarp like Earl Warren with the Zapruder film to figure out if it’s encroachment, then the league’s going to go away eventually.

“All I know is this. The league dines out on Franco [Harris]‘s ‘Immaculate Reception’ for 30 years now. If you watch the play, you don’t see whether the ball strikes the turf or not. Everybody’s stupefied that Franco caught the ball. I guarantee you that would have been ruled ‘not-a-catch’ on the field, they would’ve went to the replay and they would’ve said they had inconclusive evidence to overturn.

“Is that really the business the NFL wants to be in, overturning Immaculate Receptions?”

Anyone out there in need an NFL booth analyst, we’ve got a contact for Dennis in Santa Barbara that’s still good.

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