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What’s included in today’s media column (linked here): How good would Dan Wheldon have been as a TV analyst? David Feherty good, as he already proved in his work with Versus on IRL coverage. We also have more on NBC’s coverage of the Rugby Cup finale Sunday, the 10-year anniversary of ESPN’s “PTI,” and where you can’t go to see Carson Palmer play for the Raiders on Sunday.

What’s not included: The update this morning that Fox has won the rights to the U.S. TV marketplace for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup (linked here).

What’s also not included: More remembrances of Wheldon:

== From Versus’ Robin Miller:

“I loved to tease him about his teeth. He had a good smile, with or without his new teeth. I gave him so much grief about that. What’s the deal? He never said anything. His wife Susie would say he should get his teeth fixed because he’d be more appealing on magazine coverage. And he was such a fashion guy — all those shoes he had. He was always on the edge of fashion.”

== From Jamie Little, the ESPN/ABC pit reporter for IRL and NASCAR:

“I still haven’t accepted the fact that he’s gone. I keep finding myself in old photos with him, all the fun times we had as friends. I haven’t allowed myself to come to terms with this yet. I remember bringing him to the X Games (in L.A.) one time to see the Rally Car races there. He had a ball, taking it all in, back in his bachelor days. So many great memories off the track.


“He was the first driver when I started covering Indy to call a friend. He was so much fun and magnetic.Just last week I was sitting with him at a driver’s meeting. He kept bringing up the past .. ‘Remember the time I wrecked and you tried to interview me and I swung my arms in the air.’ He was never mad, but then he was over it. He threw ice down my back once during a live interview. One time, I’m interviewing Tony Kannan at the Indy 500, and he jumps in and takes over the interview.”

On covering the NASCAR race at Talladega in the aftermath: “The fact that Talladega is one of the most dangerous tracks is pretty ironic. When I was talking to drivers before (the Las Vegas race), there was concern, but it reminded me of how they sound going into Talladega with the high speeds. I’d heard it all before. I’m curious how this will play out. I’ve been through this before (covering Paul Dana) but now we’ll see drivers and other media member who weren’t there (in Las Vegas) and we’ll all share the sorrow and loss, and it’ll all come back.”

== From Marty Reid, the ESPN/ABC race caller:

On how he closed the broadcast: “We were in our final break, and Jamie Shiftan, the producer, said there was just enough time to give closing thoughts from the three of us. When we came back, it just came to me, to explain why I sign off with ‘Til we meet again. .. because good bye is so final.’ When it’s a normal broadcast, I know we’re going to have another race and we’ll be together again. But it was good bye for Dan. You’ll see people at Talladega hugging each other this weekend. There’s an NHRA event in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, and they’ll do the same. That’s the only good thing that comes out of something like this. It brings us back as humans. That this is a serious, dangerous business and we better appreciate the time we have together.”

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