SI excerpt: Leiweke belives Beckham ‘will be here again next year’


David Beckham’s five-year contract to play Major League Soccer with the Galaxy ends after the upcoming MLS Cup, and Sports Illustrated’s Grand Wahl writes in this week’s issue that if the 36-year-old leads his team to a championship, “his American experiment will be validated — and he might choose to stay Stateside despite offers from Europe next season.”

Wahl quotes AEG president Tim Leiweke: “I think David is loyal to us. Despite all the rumors and bulls— out there about David going to France or the Premier League, David only leaves the Galaxy if David and we decide that.

“In fact, I believe David will be here again next year. People can make any offer they want. The loyalty he has to this club because of the way we have treated him and stood by him is going to be rewarded if we so choose to continue with David.”

Beckham joined Galaxy from Real Madrid in 2007 but also spent two short-term loan terms with AC Milan in 2009 and 2010.

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“The L Word” doesn’t need to be used in the McCourt situation, no matter how much’s he’s pillaged, plundered and blundered


(AP Photo)
Two youths, with lampshades from a looted store, run down a street, in the Watts section of Los Angeles on August, 13, 1965. The six days of violence left 34 dead and resulted in $40 million of property damage.

Can we be Frank here?

“Looting” is a lot to live up to. Especially in Los Angeles.

It’s the phrase Major League Baseball’s lawyers apparently have resorted to in summarizing the process by which current Dodgers ownership has redistributed more than $189 million gained through the donations made by loyal fans of the team.

It’s also the foundation of an argument they’ll use in bankruptcy court starting next week when commission Bud Selig’s team tries to snatch control of the property back from last man standing Frank McCourt.

“Looting” needlessly reopens a lot of wounds around here.

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IRL’s Bernard on the $5 mil offer to the late Dan Wheldon: ‘I’m not sure why people say that played a role’


By Jenna Fryer
Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Randy Bernard knows there are people who blame him for Dan Wheldon’s death, who say the IndyCar CEO pushed the series over the edge.

In the 24 hours after the two-time Indianapolis 500 winner was killed in a fiery 15-car accident in the season finale, Bernard wondered if perhaps all the hate mail accusing him of sacrificing safety for the show was right.

“The last week was probably the most horrific week of my life,” Bernard told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview.

It’s been open season on Bernard since the accident, and his silence all last week only intensified the scrutiny on his leadership of the open-wheel series.

Now, nine days later, Bernard is able to publicly talk about Wheldon and the day all his work toward building a spectacular finale went terribly wrong minutes into the race. He still becomes emotional about it, taking a deep breath in his office at IndyCar headquarters as he recalls the controversial decision to cancel the race.

Bernard is focused on moving forward and helping IndyCar through this dark period. He says he never once considered resigning but admits IndyCar is now “in crisis, and we have to get answers.”

“In tough times, that’s when you have to be focused,” Bernard said. “You have to lead, and I know this is a time I have to make sure I am going to be very decisive, very articulate and be a leader. In tough times is where you build your character; it’s not in good times.”

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Why Vin Scully was trending on Twitter … don’t worry, he’s OK


For a brief period during Sunday night’s Fox coverage of the World Series, Vin Scully was trending on Twitter.

It was not — as many Twitter users feared — because he had died, according to an L.A. Weekly blog (linked here).

“Instead, it was because sportswriter Joe Posnanski (@JPosnanski) asked his followers who should be calling the games. Scully was the overwhelming choice,” the blog reported.

Posnanski, who a year ago wrote one of the best reads in a while on Scully (linked here), followed up on his own website (linked here) about the Fox coverage, mostly buring Tim McCarver.

But he included: “At some point during the night, I put up a Twitter poll: If you could choose any two living announcers to call the World Series — they have to be living, this is not some sort of imaginary exercise — who would you choose? ….

“The vast, vast, vast majority of people (of course) simply selected: Vin Scully. No second person. Just Vin. Brandon McCarthy chose Vin and someone to bring him water. Several chose Vin and Teller from Penn and Teller. And so on. I could not agree more. What I think makes Vin such a wonderful listen — and has for more than a half century — is that his voice stays in the background, the statistics he uses make sense and feel true, his stories enhance what you’re watching, he’s honest about whatever he’s seeing and he has Coltrane’s sense of rhythm.

“It’s a remarkable combination. Baseball is a tough game to announce. The action is spread out. The pace is uneven. The strategies are often intricate and not especially interesting for casual fans (they don’t call boring politics “inside baseball” for nothing). The statistics are often wonky. But there are great opportunities, too — baseball’s a wonderful game for stories, for drama, for insight. Yes, it would be great to hear Vin Scully call a World Series again. Well, hey, at least we got him to trend on Twitter for a while.”

And again, why wasn’t Scully included in the Fox coverage after all the online petitioning and media lobbying (including here?) We don’t have an answer that satisfies us.

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