Weekly media column version 11.04.11

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All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival organizer Pat Battistini, left, with Pete Rose before the screening of “4192” at the 2010 event in Manhattan Beach.

What’s included in this week’s offering on the sports media (linked here):

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A look at how sports documentaries continue to be a popular choice among film makers when getting a “real” story across to the masses — particularily, with the third annual All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival coming up Nov. 11-13 in North Hollywood. We also covered with the return of the documentary “Elevate” to a West Hollywood theatre today (showtimes, linked here).

What’s not included: The Tuscaloosa News reports that ESPN’s “GameDay” is in a day earlier — Wednesday, instead of Thursday — to set up all their gear before Saturday’s LSU-Alabama game. Which ESPN isn’t even covering (it’s on CBS, 5 p.m.). “GameDay” producer Lee Fitting says: “This game has taken on a life of its own. It’s rare where we come in on a Thursday and do coverage a day, day and a half early. It probably happens one or two times a year, but this was an easy one.” “GameDay” co-host Chris Fowler also said the game is “so big we’re all in here doing College Football Live and giving it the Super Bowl treatment … These analysts are so pumped up about this game, we could do a four-hour special.” On just the signs alone that’ll be over Erin Andrews’ shoulder that somehow get through ESPN security, like the one at last week’s USC-Stanford carnival that had a penis drawn (not to be confused with the clever lad who spelled “penis” four times using the letters in ESPN).

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