Weekly media column version 11.11.11

We’ve been waiting for this moment since the beginning of dawn.

Maybe even longer. Before Stonehedge was even built.

At least, since the early ’80s.

Any loyal follower of the painfully loud heavy metal group Spinal Tap will tell you this was designated Nigel Tufnel Day long before it was of any value to the rest of society. Read this piece in today’s Guardian (linked here) for more background on all you need to get you though this important day in our existence.


We needed that “extra push over the cliff” today in cranking out the weekly media offering (linked here), which focuses on Larry Kahn’s 10th season of NFL games on his own Sports USA radio network — next year, he gets it to 11 — plus media coverage of the Joe Paterno caper, and more on the Fox-UFC deal with the devil being carried out Saturday.

What’s not included in today’s media column: A Wall Street Journal blog post that somehow finds a way to link Paterno, Vin Scully and Hugh Hefner in the same chart (linked here). Connect the liver spots.

And Daniel Tosh take on “Tebowing” from his “Tosh.O” show this week (please don’t watch it with anyone from work, or younger than 16 in the vicinity):

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