Impervious to Playboy’s wishes, Leeann Tweeden goes for it … at age 38


The last issue of Playboy we actually purchased? Can’t recall.

It could have been Leeann Tweeden on the cover back in ’96.

The issue of her on the cover of the Dec., 2011 issue was tucked under L.A. Magazine, and on top of a USA Today when we took it to the counter at Barnes & Noble and had the elderly (mature) woman clerk ring it up for us.

We’ve tried to keep abreast of her career since her time as a sports person in the “Best Damn Sports Show Period” mode of Fox Sports Net some years ago. We met up with her once in Las Vegas to do a story about the new Poker Dome that was built just for televised poker. We didn’t realize she’d been hosting NBC’s “Poker After Dark” show, because we hadn’t watched it.


She’s no stranger to men’s magazine covers (linked here). According to her Facebook page, she’s got her own lingerie store — with her modeling the merchandise (linked here).

She at one time dated Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett, about eight years younger than him, and bragged about their sex life in an issue of FHM magazine. That pretty much ended it. She also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr.

According to WikiAnswers, she married an Air Force C130 pilot on the Fourth of July in 2010.

What we learned about her in the new Playboy?

1) Sand seems to stick to her chest.

2) Back in ’96 when she was on the Playboy cover for an Olympic-themed issue, she didn’t do a nude pictorial because she was “prudish.” Now she’s ready to “shake things up.” Except not allowing the camera to shoot much from below the belt.

3) The feature on Herschel Walker as an MMA fighter is a good read.

4) Playboy costs $6.99 now? Jeez.

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