McCourt isn’t done filing lawsuits: Fox hit with one now

Frank McCourt filed a lawsuit today against Fox, the cable company that once offered him a 17-year, $3 billion TV rights extension, asking for a injunction or temporary restraining order to prevent it from blocking the bankruptcy court sale of the Dodgers.

Fox has tried to prevent McCourt from opening the bidding on the team’s media rights since it has contractual guarantees that take it through the 2013 season, with new negotiations available after November of 2012. A federal judge is scheduled to hold a Nov. 30 hearing on the motions.

A statement released by Fox today said: “This is just the latest chapter in the current owner’s ongoing scheme to avoid honoring his contractual obligations. The full truth of this unfortunate situation will soon become apparent to all.”

McCourt reached a settlement agreement on Nov 2 with Major League Baseball that allows him to control the sale of the team and get it out of bankruptcy, as long as the MLB approves the new owners.

Fox sued the Dodgers in late September after McCourt asked the bankruptcy judge to authorize an auction for the media rights as part of the team’s reorganization.

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