The awesomeness of a dual New Year’s Eve stunt, Red Bullishly, down San Diego way

i-ea85afdddeb352b319e162986118f465-Levi and Maddo lo-res (c) Garth Milan_Red Bull.jpg

Two crazy kids — 28 and 30 years old actually — with flat-rimmed baseball caps, cargo shorts and scraped elbows are going to bring 2012 in with a bang.

Especially if they crash.

The Santa Monica-based Red Bull power drink/lighter fluid company announced today that both Levi LaVelle and Robbie Maddison will be leaping across water in San Diego, attempting to break distance records on a snowmobile and motorcycle. They will do it simultaneously.

ESPN covers it on Dec. 31 at about 8 p.m., so they do it in time for the East Coast new year to arrive.

They couldn’t find an aircraft carrier that could be part of it all?

LaVallee, a 28-year-old from Longville, Minn., crashed while training to do this a year ago, but they’ve said he’s fully recovered. He has the record leap on a snowmobile at 361 feet.

Maddison, a 30-year-old Australian native living in Temecula now, jumped his motorcycle 322 feet in Las Vegas in 2007, and then jumped off the 96-foot tall Arc De Triomphe at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas in 2008. Maddison will shoot for about 400 feet, to break the current mark of 391 feet.

Both gentlemen will start their engines going from the north end to the south end of Embarcadero Marina Park near downtown San Diego.

“I am so pumped to be able to come back,” said LaVallee. “Last year obviously didn’t go the way I was hoping, and I am excited to have another chance at this amazing opportunity.”

“Jumping long distances is a passion of mine, and I’m excited to come back for New Years Eve and sail over San Diego Harbor,” said Maddison. “400 feet is my goal. It’s not all about getting the world record to me, it’s more about understanding this feat and the commitment ahead to achieving what most would consider an impossible jump.”

Previous Red Bull New Year’s Eve stunts included a Rhys Millen backflip in an off-road truck and just missed sticking the landing in Santa Monica. In 2009, Travis Pastrana jumped his rally car 269 feet over water, landing on a barge in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor.

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