That’s the ticket: Trivial things never get in the way of a USC-UCLA game


Not to question your knowledge of the USC-UCLA football rivalry that began in 1929, but we will anyway:

== 1. Which Trojans head coach has lost a game to the Bruins: a) Lane Kiffin, b) Howard Jones, c) Paul Hackett, d) Sam Barry?

== 2. Which Bruins head coach has beaten the Trojans: a) Rick Neuheisel, b) William Spaulding, c) Pepper Rodgers, d) Karl Dorrell?


== 3. Thirty years ago, he broke through on the final play and blocked a 46-yard field-goal try by UCLA’s Norm Johnson to preserve USC’s 22-21 win and knock the Bruins out of the Rose Bowl: a) Joey Browner, b) George Achica, c) Dennis Edwards.

== 4. Twenty five years ago, UCLA quarterback Matt Stevens faked a knee, then completed a 61-yard Hail Mary pass that put the Bruins up 31-0 at halftime (in a 45-24 win). Who caught the pass: a) Flipper Anderson, b) Paco Craig, c) Karl Dorrell?
== 5. Fifteen y
ears ago, the only overtime game in the series ended with his 25-yard TD run in the second OT, giving the Bruins a 48-41 victory, after USC squandered a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter: a) Karim Abdul-Jabbar, b) Skip Hicks, c) DeShawn Foster.


== 6. Which Bruin intercepted Rob Johnson’s 3-yard pass in the end zone with 56 seconds left to preserve UCLA’s 27-21 win in 1993, knocking the Trojans out of the Rose Bowl: a) Marvin Goodwin, b) Donnie Edwards, c) Nkosi Littleton?


== 7. His 38-yard field goal with two seconds left gave USC a 29-27 win in the 1977 game, knocking UCLA out of the Rose Bowl: a) Chris Limahelu, b) Steve Jordan, c) Frank Jordan.

== 8. USC’s Todd Marinovich hit Johnnie Morton with a 23-yard TD pass with 16 seconds left to cap a 45-42 win in 1990, but which UCLA player scored on a 1-yard TD run with 1:19 left to put the Bruins up 42-38: a) Kevin Smith, b) Tommy Maddox, c) Ricky Davis?

== 9. The 1944 game ended in a 13-13 tie when UCLA’s Johnny Roesch scored twice in the last two minutes, capped by an 80-yard punt return with no time left. Who kicked the extra point that hit the crossbar and rolled over to tie it: a) Bob Waterfield, b) Tom Fears, c) Bob Wilkinson?

== 10. The starting quarterback for UCLA during its last win against USC (13-9 at the Rose Bowl in ’06) was: a) Ben Olson, b) Kevin Craft, c) Patrick Cowan?

== Tie breaker: This is the third year in a row the game has been played at night. In 2009, it was at 7 p.m.; last year, it was 7:30 p.m. What’s the latest kickoff ever: a) 7:45 p.m., b) 8 p.m., c) 8:30 p.m.?



1. c) Hackett (he was 2-1 from 1998-2000; 2. d) Dorrell, in 2006; 3. b) Achica; 4. c) Dorrell; 5. b) Hicks; 6. a) Goodwin; 7. c) Frank Jordan; 8. a) Smith; 9. a) Waterfield; 10. c) Cowan. Tie breaker: c) 8:30 p.m., in the 1945 game, on a Friday night at the Coliseum.

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