Wheldon photo book “Lionheart” available for order, proceeds to his family


Newport Beach photographer Michael Voorhees is making available more copies of his 2010 book “Lionheart,” his collection of pictures of the late IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, through his website V3MotorsportsImagery.com.

Clock on the “books” link to get you to the Blurb.com website link. All profits from the $59.99 book go to the Wheldon family trust.

Wheldon was killed on Oct. 16 in Las Vegas in the IRL’s final event of the 2011 season.

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  • Linda

    This is a beautiful book. I have it and am so glad I got it. I would recommend this book to everyone.

  • Janet

    Highly recommed this book. Michael Voorhees captures Danny’s personlity from the inside out. Please check out V3MotorsportsImagry.com. MV is not just another photographer that does good work. He sees things that most people don’t. THAT is why is one of the best! The Dan Wheldon collection is his best work; it came from his heart……