Why Flomax may be a new sponsor for the Kings

From Thursday night’s Kings-Panthers FSW telecast in the first period:

The postscript: Analyst Jim Fox went almost a minute without saying anything as the action continued because he was still laughing so hard, doubled-over, with his mike turned off. Bob Miller went back to calling the play by play, but had to stop several times and turn off his mike after he saw Fox laughing.

Fox, out of breath, finally came back saying, “We need another whistle right about now,” and then went back to laughing. Finally the play stopped, they had a commercial break and all seemed composed upon returning.

Until Fox later went back to that play and wondered of the officials “wanted to make sure that no one skated over the pea on the ice” if it had fallen out of the whistle.

A few years ago on a Kings telecast, Miller described then-Kings player Esa Pirnas this way, “Cammalleri passes the puck to Penis,” and that sent Fox out of the booth and into the hallway laughing.

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