And you think L.A. has problems with Raiders vs. Chargers broadcasts


The last time a KCBS Channel 2 Chargers’ road game with a 1 p.m. kickoff ran into issues with a Raiders telecast at 10 a.m., the local CBS affiliate got the approval from the NFL to do the reasonable thing: It stayed with the Raiders game until its conclusion, since it was in doubt, then joined the Chargers in progress. This, despite the NFL TV mandate that L.A. is a secondary market to San Diego and must show the Chargers games here when they begin.

You know how all that came about because of KCBS did the “Heidi”-esque switching from an unfinished Raiders-Bills game to get to the opening kickoff of the Chargers-Patroits game back on Sept. 18 (linked here).

This NFL-less town isn’t the only one with two-team issues and league rules adjusting our viewing habits.

From today’s Sports Business Daily, these are things being dealt with:

== Texans vs. Cowboys: Michael David Smith of was forced to ask Fox why affiliates in Austin and San Antonio were taken away from the final seconds of the Texans’ victory over the Falcons in favor of the start of the Cowboys’ game against the Cardinals last Sunday. Smith wrote that the decision was made by Fox “at the network level,” and network spokesman Lou D’Ermillio explained that it was done because more people watch the Cowboys than the Texans in those two markets: “Based on general interest in the Texans and Cowboys in both markets we stand by this decision. The Texans rating in Austin was a 12.1, while the Cowboy rating was a 21.7. In San Antonio, the Texans posted a 14.8, while the Cowboys did a 27.9.”

== 49ers vs. Raiders: San Francisco Chronicle reporter Steve Kroner wrote today (linked here) that a Bay Area NFL Sunday usually has the 49ers or Raiders with a 10 a.m. kickoff and the other team starting at 1:05 or 1:15 p.m. But not this Sunday. The NFL moved the CBS’ Raiders-Packers game from 10 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., which makes sense from a national perspective. But now it goes up against Fox’s telecast of the 49ers-Cardinals game from Arizona. The NFL “tries to keep the Raiders and 49ers in separate time slots — and there is a rule preventing a game from airing concurrently on another network if either team is playing at home.” in this case, they’re both on the road.

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