If Mark Cuban buys the Dodgers, he doesn’t want to be giving all his cash to Frank McCourt


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on where he stands with the Dodgers’ sale, from this morning’s Dan Patrick show (linked here):

“The (financial) book will be out soon and we signed up for it. I’ll look at it like I look at any other deal. My concern on the Dodgers is that someone is just going to come in and overpay. I’ve got a lot of money, but I don’t have unlimited money. To me you have to pay the right price because you don’t want all your money going to Frank McCourt. You want to be able to rebuild the organization and you want to be able to invest in players.
“Particularily for me walking into the L.A. market is, (if) you’ve got to be on a budget, I don’t want to spend on star players, that wouldn’t work. That would create more problems than it solves. So the question I’ve got to decide is, how much is too much and how much leaves me enough capital to go out and get the superstar players to them over the top.”

Is the team worth a billion?

“Here’s the evaluation process that people are going to go through — They’re going to guess how big the TV revenue can be and then they’re going to ask themselves whether or not they want to use all that money to take on more debt in order to be able to pay for the franchise. That’s not atypical when you’re buying a business. But the problem is, that’s exactly what Frank McCourt did.

“It actually leaves you in no different position, where the money’s going to pay the bank and not into the organization and players. My fear is someone is going to come in and say, yeah, you know what, as long as I get the right TV deal I can bid almost anything for the team and that’ll be the decision process.”

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