‘Go ahead, caller from Chavez Ravine’ … Larry King explains the Dodger ownership process to date

On Dino Costa’s SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio show Wednesday night, Larry King discussed how things are shaking out for those who want to be the next owner of the Dodgers:

“I am part of … Dennis Gilbert’s group. I think there’ll be about seven groups bidding. It’s going to go over a billion. (Steven) Cohen, from New York, big hedge fund guy, he’s in. Magic Johnson has a great group with him. Spoke to Magic the other day and he’s very … everyone thinks they are going to get it. They vetted everyone. What they’re doing this year, is they vet you before the bidding so that once the bid is accepted by (Frank) McCourt and the bankruptcy judge and the league, you’re in. It used to be that you were in and then they vetted you. Now, they pre-vet you.

“(The bidding’s) going to go over a billion. McCourt will pay off his debts. He’ll probably come out making about $200 million and leaving the town … The investors, it’s not just you buy it for a billion. Then you’ve got to put money in. You know, we should be, the Los Angeles Dodgers, should be bidding on [Prince] Fielder. We’re the Los Angeles Dodgers! It’s the second biggest city in America. It’s got great baseball history. It’s a shame that’s what it has become.”

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