Steady there, sturdy girl: A serious solution to keeping everyone abreast of what’s new in the augmented sports bra business


A press release that landed in our in-basket that we can only repeat in total, with no extra commentary:


Sturdy Girl Sports(R) Launched to Bring Ultimate Sports Bra to Women with Augmented Breasts

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Feb. 1, 2012 — Sturdy Girl Sports, LLC launched today as a new, independent women’s sports bra and coordinating performance apparel company. On a mission to help women embrace the body they build, Sturdy Girl Sports today rolled out the market’s first line of maximum-support, fashion-inspired sports bras specifically designed for women with augmented breasts.

The bras serve a largely under-served market, and can also be used by women with naturally large breasts.

Since 1997, over 3.8 million women in America have had breast augmentation surgery. The number grows by another 300,000 women each year. In 2008, breast augmentation overtook liposuction as the number one aesthetic surgical procedure and has maintained the number one position ever since. This rapidly expanding market consists of women that have unique fit and support requirements.

“As an avid runner and woman with augmented breasts, I searched everywhere for the right sports bra but found that there was nothing really available,” said Hilary Heath (pictured above), Founder of Sturdy Girl Sports. “I’ve spent the last three years on extensive research and development to provide a high-functioning, well-fitting, uniquely designed sports bra that is also pretty enough to be worn without covering up.”

“While working out I noticed for the first time that doing push-ups didn’t feel weird,” said Grace Gold, Beauty Journalist and author of “The Boob Job Bible.” “Ever since I got implants, I can’t describe the feeling, but it feels uncomfortable doing push-ups. I think because my chest muscles must be causing pressure on the implants. The support in a Sturdy Girl Sports bra takes that weird feeling away.”


While naturally large breasts are often proportionate to a woman’s chest and shoulder area, women who have augmentation surgery often choose an implant size larger than the breast size their body frame can support. This makes it difficult to fit properly into many sports bras.

Moreover, women with augmented breasts have support needs beyond those required by women with naturally large breasts. With a high-support sports bra, women can increase the duration of time that their implants look good and, more importantly, protect the implant from slipping outside of the breast pocket that requires reconstructive surgery to fix.

Beyond high support, augmented breasts often need help minimizing nipple protrusion – a common side effect of numb tissue resulting from the surgical procedure. Natural breasts can have this issue, too, but this issue is more pronounced in women with augmented breasts and can make for embarrassing workouts.

Sturdy Girl Sports has taken these factors into account, designing the market’s first band/cup-sized pullover style sports bra. Pullover bras provide the highest level of support for the wearer’s breasts and eliminate the potential of bra failure and rub that can come with hook and eye closure bras. Other pullover style sports bras are sized small, medium, large, which do not fit an augmented figure.

Additionally, Sturdy Girl Sports has filed a patent on its internal support structure that incorporates a custom knitted, high-wicking spacer fabric (not foam) and nipple cover to hide the appearance of nipple protrusion. Most sports bras do not address this issue at all, and the ones that do use foam that gets heavy with sweat and dries slowly.

Sturdy Girl Sports has also introduced coordinating performance tops, compression shorts, capris and pants to complete the look. The performance bottoms have bypassed the standard drawstring waist, replacing it with soft silicon grippers that comfortably hug the waist. Very flattering, Sturdy Girl Sports coordinating fitness apparel makes for a bold, high-performance fashion statement.

“I wear a 34DD bra and need high support during my endurance races, which often last for multiple days, taking me 12 or more hours each day to complete,” said ultra-triathlete
Leslie Holton, who wore Sturdy Girl Sports bras during her recent attempt at the Deca-Ironman in Sicily, Italy in September 2011. “I have never worn a sports bra as comfortable, non-rubbing and supportive as a Sturdy Girl bra. Even though they were not designed for swimming, I wore them for all three events each day of my deca-ironman race and found they performed beautifully.”

Established in 2011 as the first women’s maximum-support sports bra designed for augmented breasts, Sturdy Girl Sports designs and develops innovative sports bras and
coordinating fitness apparel, delivering fashion-inspired custom prints and colors for women to embrace the body they built. Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, Sturdy Girl
Sports is an independent business. Visit for more information, and follow all brand updates on our Facebook page.

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