Bob Ryan sees the twitter on the wall, and he’ll have no more of it … after a trip to London, that is


From today’s Sports Business Daily (and note the irony in how it also cites all these others who tweeted out their response to the news):

The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan said he is “saying goodbye” to his full-time columnist position following the London Games.

Ryan, appearing on ESPN’s “The B.S. Report,” said, “There will be a part-time need. There will be an afterlife, but it won’t be a full-time afterlife.”

Ryan: “I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone, that the dynamics of the business — of what it means to be involved in the sports business with all of the tweeting and the blogging, an audience with a different taste — it’s not me anymore.” He added, “I can very happily say I have had a great run. I think it’s time for someone else to have their run.”

Ryan appears on several ESPN shows, including serving as a regular panelist on “Around The Horn” and a frequent guest host of “PTI.”

He said, “If they want me on TV, that’s great. We haven’t even explored that.” Ryan noted the Olympics this summer is a “perfect way for me to go out”

Northeastern Univ. journalism professor Dan Kennedy wrote on his Twitter account, “Bob Ryan’s retirement will be a huge loss for the @BostonGlobe. He’s earned his legendary status.”’s Ryan Hadfield wrote, “He leaves, still, the best columnist in the market…by far.”

WBZ-CBS’ Dan Roche wrote, “No one…I repeat…no one has or will bring as much passion to his craft/life as Bob Ryan.”

The Orange County Register’s Mark Whicker wrote, “Hope Globe readers savor the last few months of Bob Ryan, a friend and role model (though he’ll still be on 15 TV shows). True enthusiast.” .

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