Is there more to the Lenny Dykstra mess? SI’s investigation says so, particularly with a Charlie Sheen connection


Two days after Lenny Dykstra was sentenced to three years of jailtime for his involvement in a grand theft auto and fradulent financial statements (linked here), Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein reveals some more titillating tidbits involving the former Mets and Phillies outfielder who trolled the San Fernando Valley in the current issue of the magazine.

SI’s interviews with law enforcement officials and personal and business associates of Dykstra, as well as police and court records, uncover in the story released today on the SI website (linked here):

== Dykstra used his connection to Charlie Sheen to entice some of his associates into fraudulent activity. He said that Sheen and he were working on a number of ideas including an energy drink and promised his associates pieces a company that never existed.

== A common associate in many of Dykstra’s plans was Robert Hymers, a onetime accountant who became infatuated with Dykstra’s lifestyle, said in an interview with police that one night while working late with Dykstra at the Intercontinental hotel in L.A., he fell asleep and when he woke up, his laptop was gone. Dykstra told him that a prostitute had come in, threatened him with a taser and taken the laptop. That laptop contained personal information of a person that Dykstra attempted to use credit checks for at two car dealerships.

== Dykstra tried to sell Hymers some HGH that he had kept in his refrigerator, explaining that the drug had come from Sheen. Last year, Sheen admitted to SI that steroids put some extra heat on his fastball during the filming of the 1989 movie “Major League.” Sheen did not respond to a series of questions from SI sent to him through his publicist.

== How Galpin Ford in North Hills was the wrong place for Dykstra to try to perpeturate any kind of fraud since its general counsel is Alan J. Skobin, one of five commissioners–essentially a board of directors–of the Los Angeles Police Department.

== Dykstra got a model and mother of five named Jessica Costa into his scheme, convincing her to lease a Porsch 911 under her name that he would make the payments on, with her credit application. No one knows where the Porsche is now.

== Dykstra did a documentary about the $18.5 million home in Thousand Oaks’ Sherwood Country Club that he bought from Wayne Gretzky, calling it “the most beautiful masterpiece ever built.” It was never released, but SI obtained it.

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