How do the NFL’s TV partners profit from Manning going to Denver? Just pull up a virtual cart at ESPN Shop, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NBC Sports …


It can’t be more than 18 hours since Peyton Manning declared that he’d be the newest Denver Bronco. Yet every NFL TV partner already has sales on their network website front pages touting the same of Manning No. 18 Bronco gear.

Maybe we just noticed it first on ESPN (linked here) and then CBS linked here), with T-shirts going as much as (cough) $32. It doesn’t even look as if they’ve actually been printed yet — a photoshopped name and number on a blank orange shirt is the best they can do on short notice.

Yet, it doesn’t preclude (linked here) from also offering Manning stuff. Or’s online shop (linked here) from also putting a banner on their home page, making it a quick click to get right to it.

Not as if it’s some of get-rich-quick scheme, but it reinforces the idea that when you’re in bed with the NFL, everyone shares in money laundering for ready-made laundry.

Sure, the store also touts its new Manning gear at its site (linked here), slanted more toward jersey sales.

Stay tuned for how quickly the new Tim Tebow/New York Jets apparel comes out in the next few hours — with it destined to lap anythig Manning related.

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