Weekly media column version 03.30.12


What made it into today’s weekly sports media column (linked here): Is Jim Rome the gamechanger that CBS Sports Network hopes he can be for their cable channel? More on how KSPN-AM (710) has had success with its “Third Chair” segment during Lakers games, plus more.

What didn’t make the cut:


== Rome, on whether the CBS Sports Network could soon be airing a live TV version of his radio show (the network currently fills the 7-to-10 a.m. hours with the Tim Brando radio show): “My feeling has always been that you don’t need to simulcast the radio show as long as there’s another standing TV show. But somewhere in the future, there will probably be a video component, online or on TV. People just want video, and I’m committed. I may be a day late to the social media boom, but I love Twitter and Facebook. And you’ve always got to feed the beast.”

== Rome, from Thursday night’s appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman”: “On the CBS Sports Network every night, we will talk sports at 6:00. I’m going to do the things I’ve always done: talk a little junk, get some good interviews, get it going, stir the pot, dial the thing up. It’s going to be quick, it’s going to be slick and I think you’re going to like it, Dave.” A previously posted clip linked here.

== Musician Duff McKagan, formerly of Guns N’ Roses (the group that gave Rome his “Welcome to the Jungle” theme), sends some high praise to Rome during a column he wrote for ESPN.com (linked here)

== USA Today’s Michael Hiestand’s column today on Rome (linked here).

== Where to find the CBS Sports Network these days (linked here).

== ESPN has its always compelling “Gruden’s QB Camp” special, bringing in Stanford’s Andrew Luck to get grilled by former NFL coach and ESPN “MNF” analyst Jon Gruden, for a special today at 4 p.m.

== Gut-check time for CBS: What compelled the network to air the much-sexier Kentucky-Louisville NCAA semifinal game Saturday in the early time slot, thus saving the Ohio State-Kansas matchup for the higher-profile window later in the day (and East Coast prime time)? “It was a really, really close call,” said CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus this week. “Normally, there’s a marquee matchup that makes our decision easy. We thought, purely subjective, that the Ohio State game on paper looked like it might be a closer game (and) the geographic spread was a little better. Let’s face it, the Midwest brings an enormous amount of viewers to the TV set. I don’t think there was any right or wrong answer on this one. We just went with our gut and though the viewership might be a bit higher for the second game.” Well, there really was a right answer. And it would have been Wildcats-Cardinals. That’s what our gut tells us.

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