A familiar view? Naw, not really


In our blog post last week (linked here) about the Jim Rome CBS Sports Network set that the view out the “window” on the new set had to have come from a shot taken either from the towering Ritz Carlton across the street from Chick Hearn Court, or even from the Convention Center to the west.

It wasn’t until we got off the Metrolink on Saturday and noticed this view (above). This is looking at Staples Center from Flower Street, near 12th Street — the south east side of the arena. With that larger building to the left, it would make more sense that the shot in “Rome” comes from this angle, just higher up. There’s an abandoned 10-plus story building right behind us here that would be perfect to shoot from and could account for the “Rome” backdrop.

But then again, it’s not real to the “Rome” studio. “Rome” has far too many “other” buildings in the vicinity, which aren’t there. Oh, well, we tried. Again.

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