Magic on the Lakers: Jim Buss … you gotta job to do


From today’s ESPN NBA pregame show, Dodgers minority owner and former Lakers minority owner and current front-office title-holder Magic Johnson blathered on about the current Lakers’ situation:

Jim Buss, brother, you gotta job to do. ‘Cause if you don’t do it, you gonna hear it from me.”

Is Mike Brown safe?

“Right now,” said Magic, laughing.

Magic led up to that ultimatum by saying: “First of all, you gotta pick up (Andrew) Bynum’s option. I think they’re going to definitely do that. Bynum and (Pau) Gasol, those are your tradable pieces. You build still around Kobe (Bryant), still great no matter what his age is, still dominant as a player.

“So to me they have to get younger and more athletic because Oklahoma City is athletic, young, fast. The team to beat is the team that knocked you out. That’s Oklahoma City and the San Antonio Spurs. Josh Smith is out there, he’s not happy. Call Atlanta. You’ve got Gasol sitting there.

“You don’t know what Dwight Howard wants to do. Give Orlando a call. They would love to have Bynum in return for a Dwight Howard if he doesn’t want to stay.”

It took Jon Barry to point out that $70 million is tied up in Gasol, Bynum, Bryant and Metta World Peace (whom he calls “Artest”). Who wants Gasol if it’ll cost them $38 million over the next two years?

“Who’s that?” Magic asked as Barry was making his point.

“Gasol,” Barry answered.

Magic collected himself to call Gasol the “best big man in basketball” once you get past Bynum, Howard and Tim Duncan. “No body has more skills than Gasol, but the problem is you got him sittin’ at the high post — yes, Mike Brown’s offense drives me crazy! — so how can you really say this guy’s skills are eroding? I’ve seen this man dominate. If a team wants a big man, you have to call the Lakers.”

That wasn’t even the least outrageous stuff thrown against the wall on the show.

Aspiring reporter Chris Broussard said his multiple sources tell him the Orlando Magic are going to talk to Shaquille O’Neal about their open general manager job.

“Keep an eye on that one, that would stun everyone, including me,” Broussard said.

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  • para’s

    I don’t trust Jim Buss
    I don’t trust Andrew Bynum
    I don’t trust Ron Artest
    I don’t trust Mike Brown
    And most of all, I don’t trust David Stern