Not that Theismann has a potty mouth, but …

Granted, prostate problems concern all men at a certain age.

But how long have these somewhat shady Joe Theismann testimonial ads been popping up on ESPN, where the one-time “Monday Night Football” analyst details issues he’s had in the past during a broadcast when he’s had to constantly run to the restroom?

He’s now mouthing off about a “super” new product where “I don’t have go as often and I don’t have to get up at night as much.”

It’s a bit more practical than what Fox NFL studio analyst Jimmy Johnson still does for a male enhancement suppliment. Still, I think I’d visit a doctor first before giving a credit card over the phone based on a Theismann recommendation (see: Steve Garvey, sued, not guilty, for endorsing a weight loss system).

That’s just what Miss Cleo tells me.

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