More from McSorley, comparing ’93 to ’12, etc.



As a followup to our story (linked here) with former Kings defenseman Marty McSorley, a few points he can make from his perspective:

Comparing the Kings’ 93 to this squad:

== “We were much more of a run-and-gun team. We had (Kelly) Hrudey (in goal), who was good, and (Rob) Stauber also had some good games — nothing like Quick, who has been unbelieveable. But goaltending for us didn’t have to be that good. Obviously we also had a guy (Wayne Gretzky) who everyone wanted to come out to see, so the fanfare around the team was so much greater.

“The style of play was much different then. What Montreal did (in the final) and wasn’t really documented was how they had an early trap working in that series. They were trying to counteract a team that could easily score seven goals a night.


“This team is very different, much bigger. We played hard games, but not like the 0-0 ones this team can grind out. That wasn’t who we were. We had a lot of personalities, but that’s what (owner) Bruce McNall had a feel for and wha the wanted.

“It’s great what this current team has done getting huge help from (rookies) like Voynov and King and Nolan, with veteran defensemen that let Martinez step in comfortably. The third line also has a lot of energy. I was curious to see if Stoll would be a third-line centerman, but he’s doing it. The kid in the net also doesn’t force the third and fourth lines to score, but they’ve been very deep. Management will have to make some decisions by July 1 on who to keep — and they’ve got pay Quick.

“They’re all firing. They don’t have any ‘controversy’ hanging over them. The biggest thing is they challenged themselves before the playoffs, and now they’re far more. They all skate so well and shoot so well. They all want to do great things with the puck.”

On what makes this 2012 team tick:

== “They’ve got everyone helping and chipping in. The play of some guys allows the others to just do their jobs. That’s a huge help. Not too much is asked from a lot of them. They’ve got three veteran defensemen aside from from the kid in the nets, and they’re a big part of it. Quick puts them in position to win, and now Anze Kopitar he stepped up as a true leader. Richards and Carter take the emphasis of checking off Kopitar, which gives him more freedom. Now you have two lines with legitimate scorers.”

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