Weekly media column version 06.08.12


What’s included in this week’s media column (linked here): More questioning of NBC Sports’ decisions not to best serve L.A. hockey viewers, why Mike Emrick really does like Bob Miller and a Vin Scully Twitter account?

What’s not included:

== Eddie Olczyk, the NBC NHL analyst, says his fondest memory about his time with the Kings was the 1996-97 season opener, after coming over from Winnipeg in what he thought would be the start of a new three-year contract:
He found out his wife went into labor prior to the Oct. 4 game, so he spent the night at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in a T-shirt, shorts and flipflops. He called Kings coach Larry Robinson and told him he couldn’t make the morning skate. Olczyk’s son, Nick, was born at 4:58 p.m., and he left the hospital about an hour later, raced to the Forum (with the help of some Santa Monica policemen), arrived at 6:45 p.m., took eight minutes of warmups, and then suited up as the Kings played the Islanders. The Kings won, 1-0. Guess who scored the only goal?
“Hellva 24 hours, eh?” he said “And people from L.A .never hear the rest of that story. They only say, ‘How’d you get to the Forum from Cedar Sinai in an hour?”
Here’s the game summary (linked here).
The Kings signed Olczyk as a free agent in 1996, but ended up trading him to Pittsburgh for Glen Murray at the deadline (linked here). Olczyk, part of the 1994 N.Y. Rangers Stanley Cup championship team, was dealt from Winnipeg to New York in a trade that included Tie Domi.

== Fox forms an interesting pairing of Eric Collins with Eric Karros on the Dodgers-Seattle regional game (4 p.m., Channel 11), going to 18 percent of the country on Saturday. Vin Scully isn’t on this Dodgers’ road trip to the Emerald City. Almost half the country will get the Yankees-Mets game from the Bronx with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. There are five regional interleague games on Fox for Saturday, including Sports Illustrated and MLB Network reporter Tom Verducci getting a crack as a game analyst with Kenny Albert on Kansas City at Pittsburgh, somehow going to 3 percent of the country.

== From Allen Barra’s piece from The Atlantic about the prolificiation of “baseball jargon” (linked here): Did you know that if you count the syllables “runners on second and third” is only seven syllables long, compared to eight for “runners in scoring position”? Think of the number of times in your life that you’ve said “runners in scoring position” and think of the time you would have saved if you’d just said “runners on second and third.” If you put all that time together in one string, you’d probably have been able to watch all of Jean Renoir’s films or reread Tolstoy.

== Is aspiring reporter Jim Gray tooling around in Manhattan Beach in a red Caddy trying to call attention to himself? Deadspin.com asks (linked here).

== Howard Cole’s new ColeOnLA.com blog has a flashback to a Bruce McNall-inspired eposide of “Law & Order” that still holds up (linked here).

== Gann Matsuda reflects on the FrozenRoyalty.net blog (linked here) about how the ‘tired premise” from out-of-town media questioning L.A.’s hockey knowledge could disappear after the Final: “Maybe after the Kings’ current run, and perhaps, winning the Stanley Cup this season, the hockey world will begin to figure out that Los Angeles really is a hockey town. Just don’t expect more than a relative handful to figure that out, as the stereotypes, evidenced by the never-ending questions raised by out-of-town media, are still way too strong.”

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