Johnny Miller on the Kings’ Stanley Cup championship: “That’s like Ecuador winning curling at the Olympics”

That’s what the NBC golf analyst said after a brief news update on today’s coverage of the U.S. Open from San Francisco.

“That’s the farthest Southern team ever to win it, isn’t it?” Miller continued.

Sure, if you overlook the fact that the Anaheim Ducks south of Los Angeles won it in 2007.

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  • Moraud

    I heard it and I was so chocked..the other analyst just skip his commentary to avoid a scandal maybe…

  • rpj22

    “the Anaheim Ducks south of Los Angeles”

    This isn’t quite as silly as it seems. Look at a map. Anaheim is pretty much due east of Torrance. The southernmost part of Los Angeles (San Pedro) is further south than the southernmost part of Anaheim. Staples Center, however, is well north of Honda Center.